About me

I am currently working on a new startup.

Previously, I worked on HCI and AI research at Columbia* and Seoul National University**. I was also an engineer at Sendbird and the South Korean intelligence sector. I received my MS in Computer Science at Columbia, where my thesis was on using generative language models for personalized learning. I completed my undergraduate degrees in Economics and Computer Science at Yonsei University.

I was born in Seoul. I have also lived in New York, Shanghai, and Taipei.

*Computational Design Lab, advised by Prof. Lydia Chilton

**Human-Centered Computer Systems Lab, advised by Prof. Youngki Lee


Interfaces for Personalized Language Learning with Generative Language Models. Taeahn Kwon. MS Thesis, Columbia University (2023). Thesis committee: Lydia B. Chilton (Columbia), Brian A. Smith (Columbia), Saavas Petridis (Google).

Captivate! Contextual Language Guidance for Parent–Child Interaction. Taeahn Kwon, Minkyung Jeong, Eon-Suk Ko, Youngki Lee. ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2022). Best Paper Honorable Mention Award*.

For a full list of publications, please see my Google Scholar page.

*Top 5% of all submitted papers