I enjoy working on projects that involve mobile & web applications, machine learning, and design.


Helping people track their mental health by analyzing diary entries with NLP


Preventing smartphone distractions by tracking the time a phone is flipped over

Optimizing CNN inference with CUDA

Experimentations in GPU programming and optimization for deep learning

Shoot the red sides!

An FPS game made with OpenGL

Parallel matrix multiplication

Experimenting with parallel GEMM algorithms and memory hierarchy optimizations

Pronounce This!

An app to help practice English speaking using speech recognition

HCS lab website

Website for the Human-Centered Computer Systems lab, Seoul National University

Product image retrieval

Accurately retrieving matching products from image queries using CNN global descriptors

Discharge date calculator

A simple discharge date calculators used by thousands of Korean soldiers


An app for conveniently sharing transaction history, built at the NH-KISA Fintech Hackathon